Low Sperm Count: Medical Causes of Male Infertility

A married man like you dreams to build a happy family. You want to have as many children that you can raise happily with your spouse. This has been a picture in your mind of an “ideal family”. However, this picture remains a picture because for several years up to today it is not yet realized. Problems with male infertility such as a low sperm count have become a delicate issue concerning men that you yourself want to know more of.

The Causes

Sperm production is a complex process. This requires healthily functioning testicles, pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Here are medical causes of a low sperm count that many men like you may be dealing with:


This is a medical condition wherein the blood vessels (veins) that drain your testicles become swollen. This prevents the normal cooling of your testicles which leads to a low sperm count as well as poor sperm motility.


You may have suffered certain infections that can interfere with the production of sperm. They can leave scars on the passageway of sperm. Infections that are sexually transmitted such as gonorrhea and chlamydia as well as prostate inflammation (prostatitis), mumps orchitis and urinary tract infection can leave you a problem with sperm count and motility.

Ejaculation Problems

Ejaculation ProblemsHave you heard of retrograde ejaculation? It occurs when your semen (during orgasm) instead of going out of the penis, enters your bladder. This may be due to bladder surgeries, diabetes, spinal injuries and other procedures done on the urethra and prostate. Anti hypertensive medications are also known to cause retrograde ejaculation. What is even worse is that, if you have spinal injuries, though you have normal sperm count, you can’t ejaculate at all.


There are antibodies which attack and kill your sperm. These cells of the immune system have anti-sperm properties that destroy your sperm. Your body identifies your sperm cells as foreign bodies so it attempts to eliminate these cells. This is a common condition among men who have had vasectomy.


Tumors can develop anywhere in your body. It can be in your reproductive system which affects the functions of your organs or on your pituitary gland affecting your hormonal production which influences sperm production. These conditions are treated by radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Undescended Testicles

While you are in your mother’s womb, testicular development may be delayed that the descent of your testicles from your abdomen into its sac (scrotum) fails. Decreased fertility or even infertility may result because of this.


Your hormones play a major role in the maturity of your reproductive organs to produce sperm. Your testicles, pituitary gland and hypothalamus do work together in order to produce the “seeds of fertility”. Other glands that may help in this process are your adrenal and thyroid gland.

There are many other medical conditions that may cause a low sperm count. These causes are one of the most common culprits to male infertility. It is important that you seek for your urologist’s expertise in identifying these problems early. There is much hope that you can realize your dream of having a family. An open mind and a willful heart can help you achieve it in time.

Fast Weight Loss Methods to Consider

A lot of people often wonder how they can lose weight in the fastest manner possible. It’s no surprise to see them visiting the gym more frequently than before just so they could get their fill of rigorous exercises. However, not everyone gets to experience the same results as a few, since metabolic rates are quite varied among individuals. The need to reduce fat, however, becomes such a top priority that people are willing to go to extreme lengths just to finally acquire that ideal physique they’ve long dreamed of. In such cases, it would make perfect sense for them to make use of some weight loss supplements.

These supplements are truly popular nowadays, especially with the claims of their manufacturers that results are as efficient and speedy as one can imagine. Yet, many of these products often require regular usage, which would mean a lot of expenses. Aside from that, one has to indulge in a ton of research just so they could ensure they’re getting all the right ingredients in their bodies. At times, all it would take, apart from regular exercise, is the implementation of a few dietary tips. Below are just a few useful suggestions to help people who wish to get rid of all that excess weight in their bodies.

neglect sodasa. What one gets to drink proves essential in terms of calorie consumption. One can simply neglect the fact that juices, sodas, iced teas and even mocha-based beverages are fattening. Because of this, it would be much wiser to look into water consumption instead. It’s a clean and natural beverage which can help nourish the body and also be quite dependable with regard to the flushing of toxins and waste materials which add up to one’s total body weight. Iced water would definitely come in handy whenever a person’s at work, and would like to quench his or her thirst anytime.

b. Food items must be set on platters instead of chinette plates. It also helps to eat at the dining table instead of doing so while watching one’s favorite TV Shows or movies on cable. It can be quite surprising to discover the difference between such and eating at the dinner table. After all, when engaged in other activities, it can be pretty easy to grab a bag of crisps and chips, especially when one watches TV programs during dinner time. Therefore, one has to keep in mind that eating must be done in a situation wherein there is a plate placed right in front of them, and no other time.

c. Foods which contain decreased fat content and sugar don’t always mean lesser calories consumed. The truth is that there are a lot of sugar-free foods and beverages which may contain even more calories compared to the original variants, especially in sodas. With foods that contain reduced fat, they may instead be filled with a lot of starches and sugar to add a bit of flavoring and texture. Thus, one has to check the labels of food products before they decide to just open it up and devour or gulp right away.

With these three tips for speedy weight loss, there’s no telling how much positive progress one would experience in their attempts to become fitter and leaner.

Are There Dangers in Using an Electronic Cigarette?

Smoking is perhaps one of the biggest vices that people commit all over the world. To a few, it seems like an appropriate method of relieving stress and anxiety. To others, it’s a matter of looking cool. However, as surgeon generals indicate, smoking is certainly bad for one’s health. Too much cigarette smoking leads to the development of lung problems which, at worst, can lead to lung cancer, a highly dangerous disease that’s also difficult to treat. A lot of people are aware of the dangers they face with cigarettes, which is why there have been several companies that have provided solutions for such a problem. These include nicotine patches, and the highly popular electronic cigarette.

Also known as e-cigs, these devices are battery operated, and have been developed as alternatives to smoking real, tobacco-based cigarettes. One simply inhales water vapor and has been stated as providing a similar effect to inhaling smoke from tobacco. It simply eliminates the presence of carcinogens such as tar and other harmful chemicals. However, there has also been a lot of talk with regard to how e-cigs can be quite dangerous to the health. In fact, a lot of experts state that they can be unsafe, with the reasons provided below.

Electronic CigaretteI. E-cigs actually contain Diethylene Glycol, an anti freeze compound which has been reported as highly toxic to human beings. In fact, it’s probably one of the causes why people using e-cigarettes have suffered from inhalation problems. Not many people realize this, but this toxic compound can certainly lead to some side effects which won’t do a person any good at all. It even contains nitrosamines, which are known to increase the possibility of carcinogens growing inside the body. If there is any chance that the e-cig may break, users may end up becoming exposed to a plethora of rather harmful compounds.

II. The bad thing about e-cigarettes is that it has often been marketed in such a detrimental manner. The whole point of e-cigs is to help smokers quit their vices, yet with the inclusion of various flavors such as chocolate, mint and orange, there seems to be a growing number of non-smokers which are trying it out. Its marketing campaigns often end up with non-smokers becoming actual smokers. In fact, some of the candy flavors that such a device has to offer may even lead to the development of underage smoking.

III. It has long been indicated that e-cig cartridges are filled with nicotine to get the full effect of simulating actual smoking. However, nicotine is a compound that can cause heart problems for a lot of people. Of course, the other alternative to this is to find cartridges which don’t contain any nicotine at all.

While an electronic cigarette has long been endorsed by several health organizations, it simply doesn’t mean it’s not without any side effects. It may serve as an alternative to kicking the habit, yet it may seem even more feasible for someone to stop smoking entirely without the help of such devices.

What You Need To Know Regarding the Penis Extender

Regardless of what most expert’s state about a man’s penis, people feel that having a lengthy and sizeable appendage helps out a lot in sex. Aside from this, a man with a larger penis can certainly feel more confident with himself. His self esteem would be greatly boosted, knowing that he just might be providing the kind of sexual satisfaction that his partner needs. Because of this, many companies in the world have made it a point to provide men with solutions to their penile problems. This comes in the form of a penis extender.

Penis ExtenderThese devices are efficient in helping a man acquire a much larger penis. It’s also clinically approved and comes recommended by doctors whose patients want to see a significant increase in the size of their penises. One can simply use it by wearing it on their penis while remaining flaccid. This device can extend length of a man’s penis, allowing him to see an increase of up to 2 inches, along with an added circumference of an inch and a half. The benefits, however, can only be experienced when the user wears the extender for up to nine months. Below are some additional facts to take note of when it comes to these devices.

1. Extenders mainly work through the concept of traction, which has long been used in the old days as a means of lengthening limbs. Back in historical times, it was believed that Greeks and Romans tied weights around their penises in order to lengthen it. However, the good thing about these modern devices is that they’re pretty light and quite convenient for wearing. One wouldn’t even have to feel any sort of pain at all, considering that the methods used in ancient times were quite painful and crude. Traction simply involves the reproduction of issues in the penis, very much the same as how body builders train to enhance the size of their muscles. Penile glands are trained to increase in size gradually.

2. It is considered to be safest way in which a man can experience the benefit of getting a larger penis. With many doctors all over the world having nothing but praise and regard for it, one can also expect to use this device and actually make corrections to their penis. It has long been a problem for some men to have penises which are way too curved. There may even be some men out there born with unusually shaped penises, which makes it difficult for them to actually enjoy the experience of having sex with their partners. Yet, with the help of penis extenders, curvature and any shape-related problem can be fixed. One no longer has to rely on expensive methods such as surgery to finally have a nicely shaped penis that he can be proud of using when having sex with his partner.

These two points should prove insightful to people who are looking to purchase a penis extender. Men everywhere can now feel confident in the one organ which makes them who they are.

Male Enhancement And The Men Who Want It

Men are very conscious about their penis size. They always try to compare it with other men. If they cannot compare it, they would often entertain the thought that they have a bigger penis than all of their peers.

They like to entertain this thought because it makes them feel superior to their peers. They believe that having the biggest penis results to many opportunities in life. This is the main reason why the penis enlargement industry is a very big industry that continues to grow as time goes by.

For those who are curious about the kinds of men who get a bigger penis and their reasons why they do so, here is a short list.

  • Men who wish to gain more confidence

bigger penisThere are men who are ashamed and embarrassed if they realize that they have a smaller penis than everybody else. When this happens to them, it really bothers them a lot because it means that they may not be good enough to be called a man.

This kind of thinking can greatly affect a man’s confidence. They believe that by getting a bigger penis, they will be able to be more confident when facing other men. They get their confidence from their penis size.

As such, if they have to deal with this, then they have bigger problems than having a small penis. A man has to be confident regardless of their penis size.

  • Men who wish to perform better sexually

There are men who value their sexual prowess. If they are married or in a relationship, they are pressured to perform sexually in order to satisfy their partners. This is the main reason why if a man has a small penis, then he is pressured to perform better.

If he is able to satisfy his partner despite having a small penis then all is well and good. However, if his sexual partner is not satisfied with the penis size, then the man is pressured to get a bigger penis.

When this happens, a man has two options. He either looks for ways to get a bigger penis fast or look for a different sexual partner.

  • Men who just want it on a whim

There are men who have adequately sized penises who think about getting a penis enlargement just for the sake of getting one. They do so only out on a whim.

This usually happens if they are friends with a doctor who performs surgery or if they know somebody who can give them a good deal on high quality penis enlargement supplements.

Getting a bigger penis out on a whim is not a good idea because they might end up regretting their decision in the end.

Because of the varied reasons that men get a bigger penis, the industry has provided different products to address these reasons.

For those who are interested it is highly recommended that they talk with an expert first just to make sure that they know what they want.

Male Infertility: What Have You Done Wrong?

For several years you have been married yet it takes too long for you and your spouse to have children. You are thinking it can be a problem with “sperm count”! You want to seek for medical attention yet you want to know more about what may be causing this problem. There is a sense of “guilt” and you want to allay your anxieties about this problem. What have you done wrong?

Drug Use

You are a fitness buff. You think that it adds up to your “macho image”. Not until you have this infertility issues that you got a blow on your ego. Have you been taking anabolic steroids for years until now? Studies show that these drugs may cause your testes to shrink leaving you with problems on sperm production. Marijuana and cocaine use can also reduce the quality and number of your sperm.


men on alcohol drinkingYou may be a party-goer and even until now that you are married, you just can’t leave your friends doing the same gimmicks you have since college. Now, you are wondering what may have caused your problem with sperm count. Alcohol lowers your testosterone levels. This can be the culprit to a decreased production of sperm.


There are certain occupations that can make you at risk of having infertility issues such as a low sperm count or decreased sperm motility. Stress can be one factor to these problems. Also, occupations requiring you to work with video monitors and computers as well as heavy machinery can be culprits to altered production of sperm.

Quit Smoking

You have been told several times to quit smoking. You are deafened by your wife’s reminders about you puffing on your cigarettes. Not only that, you have read many articles and encountered ads discussing how smoking can kill and can cause male infertility. Nothing works on you. Studies show that smokers have lower sperm count than men who are non-smokers.

Emotional Health

Emotional stress especially for a long period of time including stressing much about your fertility issue can interfere from the normal hormone production in your body. Emotional stress even worsens your condition and problems with sperm count and motility.

Weight Issues

You and your wife are voracious eaters of fatty and oily foods. You want your chicken to learn how to swim in a pan of oil. In the end, you are having weight problem issues and with these come the problem of having a child. Obesity affects the production of your hormones necessary for sperm production. This explains why your doctor advices you to trim down and lose weight as to solve your fertility problems.

Male infertility is such a sensitive topic to discuss with a man like you. However, wanting to surpass this problem and finally having kids and raising a happy family start with accepting your shortcomings. From this you can start in working on your way towards the goal. A problem with low sperm count can be reversed and you must start with living a healthy lifestyle. Good luck and look forward to having a baby shower soon!

Top Five Weight Loss Tips

We currently live in a society where being thin and slim is in. In order to achieve this kind of body, a lot of people tend to result to desperate measures like starving themselves to death or exercising for more than five hours in a day. But according to experts, this is not a healthy way of being slim and in the end, one might be suffering consequences for doing such.

For a guided weight loss regimen, here are some tips that can help open lose weight in an efficient and safe manner:

  • Set a realistic weight loss goal: A weight loss regimen won’t be effective if one does not have a goal to meet in the end; and the goal must be realistic too. If you weigh around 200 pounds, do not expect to reduce your weight to 100 pounds in a week! Experts say that a 10-percent weight loss of your original body weight in a 3-month period is the most ideal goal to set.
  • Do not skip meals and have a regular balanced diet: Like what was mentioned above, starving yourself to death is not a healthy way of losing weight. In the end, your body will just have to binge eat on the amount of food that it was originally deprived from. Continue to eat at the rate of three times a day and that includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, it is good to take note that in your plate, all the macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, should be present in proper amounts.
  • Exercise: Each weight loss program won’t be complete and successful without exercise. This does not mean heavy exercises like doing push-ups or lifting weights. You don’t have to do this since you want to lose weight and not build your muscles. The most basic and simplest exercise one can do is to jog. Jogging for about thirty minutes to one hour per day is a good routine to get rid of those excess fats. Aside from losing weight, jogging is also a good exercise for your cardiovascular system for it strengthens your heart muscles and protects it from future diseases.
  • men Keep track of your weight loss programKeep track of your weight loss program: This method can also help one to be more motivated in losing weight. If you have set a realistic goal from the start and you get to see your progression during the entire program, this makes one more perseverant in achieving the goal.
  • Get motivation from friends: At the end of it, your friends are one of the greatest influences that you can have in your weight loss plan. Let your friends know what you are up to and let them know your plan. In this manner, they will understand what you are going through and if they really are your real friends, they will support you until your reach your goal.

So here are the top five tips that one can take if he wishes to lose weight in and effective and healthy way.

Learning All About the Electronic Cigarette

There are a lot of smokers all over the world who don’t realize just how far down the drain they’ve taken their health. To them, it’s a matter of finding relaxation and relief from stressful situations, or may even be something that has to do with social status. However, smoking has always been advertised as bad for the health. Yet, this goes neglected, and a lot of people are often opening themselves up to a number of different ailments, including the much dreaded lung cancer. There are people out there who wish to stop this vice, but find it difficult to do so. As an alternative, an electronic cigarette may just do the trick.

E-cigs, as they are more often known, were first introduced back in 2007, and provided smokers with a health-friendly alternative to tobacco. A lot of them can come in forms similar to regular cigarettes, although everything inside is what makes the huge difference. E-cigs don’t actually contain real tobacco, but rather a specific mechanism which allows liquid nicotine to be heated up. This, in turn, results in a vapor which can then be inhaled & exhaled by smokers. The use of e-cigs has definitely provided people with a ton of benefits. In fact, for those people who aren’t convinced that electronic cigarettes are effective in helping them quit smoking in the long run, below are just some of the things to expect from such devices.

  • e cigs don’t contain poisonous compoundsE-cigs don’t contain poisonous compounds. These devices, unlike real cigarettes, are devoid of any carbon monoxide, tar or other harmful toxins which can truly be a detriment to a person’s overall well being. The truth is that, despite the relief that real cigarettes may bring to some people, they are filled with far beyond 4,000 poisonous substances. With an e-cig, one can simply live a much healthier life while still continuing to work on their bad habits.
  • With e-cigs, a person gets to save a ton of money. When one does the math, e-cigs are way less expensive compared to real cigarettes. In the U.S., a pack of tobacco often costs $6 or anywhere near that amount. With an e-cig, people would only have to spend 2 dollars for a full pack of cartridges, which means that it’s 4 dollars less. If that isn’t such a great deal, then who knows what is?
  • You can no longer have to cause people around him or her to suffer from second hand smoke. There are certainly a lot of non-smokers which may be bothered by a person who lights up a cigarette, inhales it and exhales the smoke. In fact, second hand smoke is often considered as more dangerous than that exhaled by a smoker. Therefore, people using e-cigs can keep their loved ones healthy and safe from such dangers. What’s even better is that smokers can use the e-cig anywhere they want.

These are three of the many benefits that one can expect from the use of an electronic cigarette.

Facts About the Penis Extender

It’s a pretty obvious statement to make that men everywhere are looking to enhance the size of their penises. While average-sized penises would be sufficient to provide a decent amount of satisfaction to any woman in the bed, most men hope to actually increase the girth, length and circumference. For them, it’s a matter of being proud of the one thing that makes them “men.” With a bigger sized penis, one can actually gain the confidence he needs to please his partner in the bedroom, or wherever he wishes to take their intimate activities.

Of course, there’s no denying that, due to such high demand, many males nowadays are looking to avail of the most effective penile enhancement products in the market. A lot of them often claim that it can give men much bigger penises. However, the main problem lies in the fact that there are so many to choose from that it often becomes difficult to come across an ideal purchase. Of course, it’s often been suggested that increasing the size of one’s penis through natural means is effective enough, especially when some products out there could pose some unwanted effects in the long run. However, so long as enough research is made to come across a really reliable penis extender, there wouldn’t be any problems encountered at all. What is a penis extender, however?

  • Penis extenders are known to be the safest ways to increase the size of a man’s penis. What’s great about it is the fact that it’s 100% natural, and won’t even require people to perform strenuous exercises, or even take certain medication. It’s gotten quite the attention from a lot of guys in the world, especially with the fact that previous consumers have nothing but kind words for such a device. According to them, it has allowed them to provide the kind of satisfaction that they wished they had given their girlfriends and wives for a very long time.
  • Penis Extender tractionThe secret behind penis extenders is that utilizes a technique known as traction. This is very much similar to a technique that’s being utilized by orthopedic surgeons, and also has a lot of similarities to how a man trains his muscles to become larger. This device can actually be worn under one’s clothing for up to 8 hours in a day at a time span of about 4 to 6 months. There are a number of doctors who have given the go-signal to this product as a reliable means of getting a man’s penis to become significantly larger.
  • It also helps in fixing certain flaws with a man’s penis. Those who have problems with curved penile structures can definitely count on it. This is due to the fact that penis extenders not only increase penile size, but can also help straighten the penis, correcting it up to 70 percent. This is something which has been cited in a number of clinical studies.
  • A penis extender may just be a man’s best friend when it comes to making him feel more confident about his manhood. With this product, one can not only provide but also experience ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Male Enhancement Options For People On A Budget

Getting a bigger penis a dream of many men. Even if they already have an adequately sized penis, they still endeavor to get a bigger one just so they can reap the benefits of whatever they think actually comes with a bigger penis.

This is the main reason why the male enhancement industry continues to be one of the best and biggest industries in the male vanity and performance and health market. However, despite the huge demand for male enhancement options, the industry is still unable to keep prices down.

This is because the most effective and ideal solutions tend to be very expensive. It is a good thing that there are still available options that are affordable to men who have to work on a budget.

Penis enlargement supplements

Penis enlargement supplementsThis by far is the male enhancement product that takes up a large part of the market. It cannot be denied that many men like going with this option because it is not that difficult to do and it is not that expensive.

Taking supplements for penis enlargement is pretty much just like taking supplements for other purposes. The great thing about this method is the fact that there is a very good chance that a person can get the results that he wants.

The only drawback here is that there is no guarantee that all who take male enhancement pills will get the same level of results from it. As such, men should not totally depend on penis enlargement supplements to address their dream of getting a bigger penis.

Penis pumps

This is a small device that operates under the theory that if the penis is stretched enough, it will eventually lengthen. By using penis pumps, a man can regularly pull on his penis muscles in order to effectively stretch it out.

While this may produce desirable results in some, it is not really an effective answer for all. This is the main reason why penis pumps are starting to become less and less popular over time. There are also many instances when penis pumps cause pain and injury especially for men who overdo it.

Special exercises

There is also a growing movement and theory that states that it is possible to develop the muscles of the penis the way a man develops his arms and chest and abdominal muscles.

The internet is full of articles and videos that showcase special exercises for the penis that are supposed to make the penis bigger. This includes hanging weights on the penis, banging it against the bed post repeatedly and other special exercises.

The only problem here is that despite having many success stories and testimonials, the medical community is still not supporting this method. As such, men should only consider these special exercises as supplemental to their main penis enlargement solution.

Men who are not earning a big income will definitely still have hope of getting a bigger penis thanks to these available techniques. However, if they really want to get instant results, then they really have to save up for surgery.